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StartingBloc is a USA 501c3 nonprofit organization. You can read more about our approach and get a breakdown of our annual financials in our Transparency Reports.

Our dedicated group of donors understands that people are at the center of all of our biggest and deepest global challenges. Those people, with an extra dose of support, amplification, and investment, can truly make an impact.

If you’re on board to help us expand and deepen our movement, please consider donating as a monthly donor or with a 1-time contribution. You can donate by Paypal with the form below or by credit and debit card on our Give Lively campaign page.

Over the next 3 years, we’re raising $1.6M to directly impact the mindset, choices, and competency of 19,000 global leaders.

We’re going to reach them by hiring the right team to get the work done, expanding our current programs to new markets, deepening our offerings and support to our existing community of 3,100+ StartingBloc Fellows, and igniting a new narrative around leadership.

StartingBloc’s global community of donors is made up of generous, strategic, and passionate people – just like you.

As a monthly donor, you will get:

  • Quarterly Emails from our CEO and team. We’ll share transparently about our financials, successes, and challenges from the quarter. You’ll get an update on the impact we are having and why and how your contribution matters.
  • Momentum in work and life. As a part of the monthly donor community, you’ll get a quick snapshot of our favorite readings on leadership and the future of work in your quarterly email. You’ll be a part of building possibility and creating a new narrative.
  • Satisfaction in knowing your donation truly made an impact. We have 16 years of experience and data that demonstrate our impact. Monthly sustaining donations are the best way to support StartingBloc, giving our organization revenue we can count on. That leads to better program planning, an advanced picture of available scholarship funding, and the strongest opportunity to get your donation where it counts most: into direct support of a StartingBloc Fellow.

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If you prefer to donate through debit card, credit card or bank account, please use our Give Lively account.