Our approach to shifting the culture of leadership

People matter. Your leadership matters.

The world is in a period of tremendous shift.

We can see a path forward, but our progress has been slow, stifled by existing power structures and ineffective bureaucracy. Both the process of change and its outcomes remain inequitable, unjust, and geographically limited.

We are still using old styles of leadership built on scarcity, fear, perfectionism, and a hyper focus on growth- it’s not working.

Remember: Culture is created and malleable.

We can build systems that enable the planet and one another to thrive. To get there, our leadership needs to be self-aware, competent and mature. To get there faster, we need to build greater collective belonging and relationship.

What does the future of leadership look like?

Based on empirical data around core skills needed in the future of work, over a decade of experience in training highly successful leaders, and research frameworks on leadership development, we break down the four central tenants within the future of leadership.

These four tenants are at the core of all of our work and they shape our workshops and trainings.

Self Aware

In networked systems, the ability to take personal responsibility and understand your own strengths and learning edges is key. Our work focuses on encountering each person’s inherent power and messiness.


We understand technical competencies and hard skills are important. Our works blends the technical with the theoretical and provide tools and resources to make sure the content is actionable.


Through building inclusive community and relationships, we more quickly come up against our own edges of understanding. Connectivity makes people happier and more creatively productive.


Mature leaders are better able to engage tension, lead stronger teams, hold longer term perspective, and ultimately make a bigger impact on the world’s biggest problems.

How are we accomplishing change?

StartingBloc works to identify individuals on a journey to embody these traits and we do everything we can to amplify their work.

We invest in individualized development through our Institutes, Consulting Work, and Bootcamps and in holding the container for a high-trust community of practice through our lifelong Fellowship community.

We’re amplifying mindsets of trust, abundance, connection, equity and deep respect for the planet in as many workplaces, organizations, and community groups as possible.

By finding people like you, who embody these mindsets and providing you with the training and the community that you need to move your mission and impact forward, we’re betting that we can collectively emerge a new normal for work a leadership.

And that new normal? It will create a more just, sustainable and thriving planet.

Our reach

  • 3100 StartingBloc Fellows, connected in 18 activated regions across 56 countries
  • 400+ leaders trained in at least one of our workshops through our Consulting services and one-day Bootcamps
  • 100+ companies founded as a result of StartingBloc in industries like renewables, civic engagement, financial access, representative consumer products, and sustainable agriculture.
  • 192,000 people estimated to be currently working under the leadership of a StartingBloc Fellow

Our depth

  • 92% of our Fellows say that StartingBloc provided them with a much stronger personal network
  • 84% of Fellows feel more empowered as a result of StartingBloc
  • 53% of Fellows saw improvements in their mental and/or physical health as a result of StartingBloc
  • 60% of Fellows agree that StartingBloc shifted their demonstrated leadership
  • 84% of Fellows agree that StartingBloc increased the social and environmental impact of their work
  • Since their StartingBloc Institute, 81% of Fellows have reported receiving support from the StartingBloc Community and 84% of Fellows report having given support to someone in the StartingBloc Community
  • StartingBloc has maintained an average Net Promoter Score of 9/10 or higher throughout our 16 year history of running events and workshops